Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bath time

I always hear non-bath taking people saying that they don't like "stewing in their own filth." I have two earnest questions:

1) Do these people use hot tubs. If they do, how is bath tub water less fresh or clean?

2) How dirty are these people on a daily basis?

In defense of us bath takers, the wonderful thing about water molecules is that they're way too big for dirt to bond to. Now soap? Dirt loves sticking to soap. That's the beauty of soap. You know when you see that nasty looking soap bar? The dirt isn't going to redeposit itself on to you. It's bound to the soap! It'll just wash away with the water, stuck to the soap. Remember the Dove Soap tv ads? They'd put a drop of soap in that nasty water and the dirt would vanish.

Am I wrong?

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