Thursday, April 30, 2009

desperate spam

wow, someone took the tome to fill this out on my website's form mail.  i get so much spam everyday, but this person had to fill this in at my website.  it wasn't just a program sending out emails!  that's a lot of energy!

they also didn't use the word "client" enough in the end... ha!

MESSAGE: Dear Libby McLinn I would be grateful to you if you please reply me. Please send me a test image(No fee) to check the quality i can provide.I can assure you that i can provide you the Best Quality of service ,Best Price and best turnaround time. I am sending you my FTP details so that you could upload the test images to check the quality standard with fast-turnaround-time or you can send me as an attachment to this email along with the instruction.and could give us a chance to show the quality of our services by getting us few Test images(No Fee). Fees are based on the volume and nature of the work requested. Fees will be determined after a sample of the work to be performed is reviewed Services provided include the following *Restoring old photographs with damage such as: creases, fading, marks, stains, dust and scratches. *Masking/Cut-out/Clipping *Logo Designing *Wedding Assignments/Album Design *Photo Colorization *Cleaning *Color Correction *Beauty Retouching *Object removal This list is only a portion of the extent of services available to our clients.Please contact us for further capabilities and a no-obligation free estimate. Looking forward hearing from you Best Regards Sushil Nehra Differential Technologies Limited  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Differential Technologies (DT), located in New Delhi, India is a leader in providing image-processing services and is currently working with around half a dozen clients – mainly picture agencies - in the U.S., Canada, as well as in Europe. Currently, DT works 24/6 and processes approximately 30,000 images/month, and has the capacity to expand at short notice. DT also has a software arm and has project experience in eCommerce, web design, web and email based customer survey engines, and custom software development. Infrastructure DT employs 30 trained and experienced Adobe Photoshop professionals in New Delhi who have worked on various image-processing projects involving cleaning, color/density correction, masking etc. and currently has 30 workstations running Adobe Photoshop. Our experience Total experience of DT is now more than 1 million images. Work Procedure We have been doing Digital Photo Retouching work for our clients in UK and USA for the last 6 years. Being far away from our clients has never been a problem to our clients. We have a very simple procedure of working with our clients. We create an account of our client Using FTP were they put all their images to be worked on. Once the images are there in the account then our engineers download those images and processes them as per the specifications of our clients. After, the images are processed we put back those images to the account of our client and the client can download those images. Request you to send the sample work (NO Fee) to test Quality & processes, I can send FTP details or you can send us one or two images as attachment with instruction set at this very mail address. Warm regards Sushil Nehra Differential Technologies Limited
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Iowa same-sex marriages

i was watching ny1 the other day and they were interviewing people about a same-sex marriage law being passed in new york. one woman said something along the lines of, "i'm very happy that this law passed in places like massachusetts and iowa and i look forward to it passing here in new york." i made fun of her for days! who's the ass now?

to the girl in the interview, i'm so very sorry that i made fun of you!

here is an article about it:  legal gay marriage in iowa

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the sundown lid

i've never been one for the details of finishing something, but since i made this hat, it's not all that bad! the hat turned out a little small so i added a front panel to it... maybe it's just that i have a huge forehead?

i made this for my friend shino, in japan. pictured at the top is her daughter nono, who looks adorable in the hat!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bath time

I always hear non-bath taking people saying that they don't like "stewing in their own filth." I have two earnest questions:

1) Do these people use hot tubs. If they do, how is bath tub water less fresh or clean?

2) How dirty are these people on a daily basis?

In defense of us bath takers, the wonderful thing about water molecules is that they're way too big for dirt to bond to. Now soap? Dirt loves sticking to soap. That's the beauty of soap. You know when you see that nasty looking soap bar? The dirt isn't going to redeposit itself on to you. It's bound to the soap! It'll just wash away with the water, stuck to the soap. Remember the Dove Soap tv ads? They'd put a drop of soap in that nasty water and the dirt would vanish.

Am I wrong?