Thursday, July 17, 2008

new york city loooves steel pulse

and so do i!!! last night steel pulse played for free in battery city. it was a park on the river with views of the statue of liberty and the empire state building. chris and i got there a little after the show started and the park was packed! there were families with children running around and joggers and people in business suits and rastas and and and... talk about one love!

chris and i were dancing at the back of the park when i looked around and really took in the views and the people and one of my favorite kinds of music all in my favorite city-it was hard to not cry because it was so freakin' cool! sometimes nyc is almost too good to be true!

sometimes reggae isn't as good live as you would want, but steel pulse sounded GREAT!!! they were set up under a little pagoda just off the sidewalk. the sounds was great everywhere in the park! we walked around to the back of the stage because we were trying to leave (getting up at 5 makes for early nights) but the sound was so good behind the stage we danced there for a while too. it was an amazing time and god, do i LOOOOVE reggae!! kind of makes me miss my dreads...

this is the park where the show was:

this is the pagoda (different band):

this is the fantastic band:

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