Tuesday, June 17, 2008

bella pictures

it's official, i am now totally certified with Bella Pictures! whoo hoo! my schedule is now filling up quite fast and i couldn't be more happy! i really like the company and i sometimes can't believe that they're real. this is how it works: they send their new york photogs a date for a wedding. you can reply, saying that you're free for that date, or you can ignore it. then, if you're free and your personal shooting style matched with the bride and groom's desired style, you're picked to be their photog. then, you shoot the wedding, send the picts to nevada and wait for the paycheck. it's so easy! i keep all the rights to the picts and can do anything but sell them. it's almost too good to believe! oh yah, and you can shoot one wedding or 100, it's all the same to them! and they have health, equipment, and liability insurance! whoo hoo.

who doesn't love a great liability insurance plan?????

below is my bio picture (i'm still looking for a better one) and this goes to my bio page

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