Wednesday, January 23, 2008

imaging usa

well, that was a good convention! but i was wildly disappointed with the closing party. we had the run of the tampa aquarium at night...god, it was so cool! but, besides some women shooting picts of themselves and guys with their cameras hung around their necks and their unnecessarily long lenses (the male photographers' way of making up for his inadequacies in the business end of things) no one was really taking pictures!!! so many people didn't even have their cameras with them. my husband even noticed that it was a surprisingly camera free evening! i guess that it's just a job to them.... and i feel bad for them! did they start out that way? did they not go to art school? are they just "too old" in their minds to have passion for photography ALL the time? i should have asked. maybe i'll never know.

here are links to pictures. the first gallery is fort desoto beach, the second is general picts from tampa and the closing party.

in the first picture below is from a lecture by julieanne kost TOTALLY great photographer and speaker and all around nerd. her speaking style was a lot like mine-slightly a.d.d. and fast and she talked to herself a lot. LOVED it!!! check her out here!


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