Monday, December 10, 2007


hmm... maybe i am just too old for whatever was going on at that "craft fair" but it was really more like craptacular. there was only one ceramics maker. there were only a couple random knitters/crocheters with about 5 hats. only 2 people with handspun yarn and i don't think that they were the actual spinners 'cause the yarn looked exactly the same at both tables. mostly it was all printed tshirts and jewelry-neither of which i really wear. oh yah... and no photographers in sight! maybe i'm crazy, but i think that a craft fair in the suburbs would have been much more crafty!

i think i'm also disappointed 'cause i dragged my wonderful husband there thinking he would find some fun art or toys, but there really wasn't much of that either. there was one girl that made owls and whales out of felted sweaters. LOVED them! and she made these other little things out of felt, all with their own cute little story... like zee handsome devil.

check her out on etsy

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