Monday, November 26, 2007

another attempt

ok, i'm having another go at blogging... this time it'll be more about knitting than photography.
here is my new favorite toy-the jellyfish.  i used berroco's alpaca yarn... fancy, i know!  but it didn't really take too much and it's also what i had available at the time.  the two needle felted hedgehogs don't really know what to think of their fancy new neighbor.
the pattern is by hansi at etsy 
i also just finished her octopus, too.  i totally flailed with some of the short rows around his neck, but luckily it's dark yarn and i could fill in the holes when i was sewing his mantle to his legs.  i don't really know what i did wrong-i think i just lost count a couple times.  i'm gonna make another soon and we'll see.

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